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Сегодня у нас в Миннесоте выступали Вениамин Смехов (Атос из 3-х Мушкетеров) со своей дочкой Аликой и замечательными музыкантами представляя нам "12 месяцев танго."  Я получила огромное удовольствие от концерта!

Музыка пронизывала душу необыкновенными звуками танго, стихи затрагивали глубокие эмоции и щекотали своими остротами, песни захватывали дух и было просто замечательно смотреть на отца и дочь между которыми сложились очень хорошие отношения.  Они оба любовались друг другом и гордились друг другом на сцене.

После спектакля хотелось танцевать, читать и писать стихи.  Как давно я не слышала и не читала замечательных стихов Блока, Есенина, Маяковского, Ахматовой, Пастернака, Набокова... Да, я когда-то обажала читать Набокова, но уже наверно больше 20 лет не держала в руках его книг. 

Танго, какая замечательная музыка! Скрипач был просто виртуоз, он так легко и просто издавал до глубины души чудесные звуки что аж мурашки по коже ползали.

Каждый раз хожу на такого рода концерты и говорю себе что надо чаще выбираться и заряжаться такой замечательной энергией!
Спасибо дорогие артисты за ваши вдохновляющие выступления!

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Yesterday, my girlfriends and I went to the Orchestra Hall to listen to M.Ravel.  Before the show we went to eat at a Tai restaurant and then went to the concert.

It was an unusual performance because the whole 1st part they discussed the music of end of 19th century and beginning of 20th which was very interesting.  The host was very funny in the way he discussed the music , only he  irritated us a little because he didn’t allow the orchestra to play full music pieces that we wanted to listen to.  He did finally allow us to listen to a very beautiful Straus’ Valtz. 

The 2nd half was pure music.  3 full pieces by Ravel.  It was my first time listening to the music at the Minnesota Orchestra Hall.  I have been there once for my graduation ceremony but this time it was actual orchestra concert.  I loved it.  I would love to go back again and again.  Live music is so powerful!!!  It was however difficult to seat and listen instead of dancing to some pieces.  I was dancing in my seat with my head and my feet.

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I have been slacking off on writing in my LJ about all of the interesting events.  I had many but wrote about very few.  Probably because there is no time to seat quietly and write while no one is bugging me (I am being bugged constantly, none stop at home).  When I have quite time, I give priority to reading weekly parsha of the week to writing in my LJ because by Friday morning I need to know what it was about and prepare questions to discuss with Rav Goldberger and the group. 

Last week I attended Minneapolis Guthrie Theatre.  I have not been there since they build a new building.  I was impressed by the beautiful views and cozy and romantic theater space.  The play was very entertaining with very creative moments.  I went to see The 39 Steps .  I had a wonderful company, no it was not my husband, he was babysitting. 

I was impressed that there were only 4 actors who played many roles and did it superbly!!!  It was very funny.  I would recommend this show to all.  Plus, I got tickets for $2 from a friend of mine.  We had a wonderful girls’ night out while husbands were watching kids.

Harmony Theatre & School - Acting Skills for the stage and everyday life!

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On Sunday I was hanging out with kids during the day while Boris was playing soccer and in the evening went to see Jawaahir Dance Company show at the Ritz Theater with my friend.  I enjoyed the time that I spent with my friend and I loved the show! 

I was very happy to see my friends performing and was somewhat sad that I was not in the show myself.  However, it actually made me decide that I need to start taking classes again and actually start teaching dance.  Jenny even agreed on helping me learn how to teach since she has been teaching for a while now.

The show was as always amazing.  Dancers were absolutely beautiful – they danced with joy very gracefully.  The colors of the costumes, the sparkles the shapes the light the MUSIC!  Everything looked wonderful.  As I was watching them dance, I couldn’t hold myself but dance with them in my chair.

Cassandra and the guest artist were absolutely wonderful!  I was only surprised that Cassandra appeared only once on the stage.  Also, this show was simple in terms of use of unique props as it has been before.  Even though I was waiting for something interesting and unusual as always, I truly enjoyed the simplicity of just dancing and of pure choreography accompanied with wonderful live music and singing.  They used light features with some background colors and pictures but nowadays it is usual prop used pretty much everywhere.

This was my first time seeing Jawaahir perform at the Ritz.  It is very similar to the Southern Theater only here dancers perform on the elevated stage unlike at the southern.  I thought it added more class to the show.

I was energized and inspired by this show!

Harmony Theatre & School

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MN Fringe festival presented hundreds of shows this year as usually.  This year I managed to see two shows by Harmony Theatre Company and School and by Maddak Productions.

Harmony Theatre Company and School presented The Little Prince story by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.  It is a wonderful story that many people love.  If you have not read it, please read the story!  It is a fairytale for adults.  The play was wonderful considering that majority of the cast consisted of children. 

Many parts of the play deeply touched me.  It made me laugh and even cry at some moments.  I just wished that some kids had microphones because I couldn’t hear what they were saying.  Since I read the story recently, I understood the context but for people who did not know the story it was disappointing.  Especially the snake character, he had an awesome costume with yellow helmet.  The helmet made the sound even more buffered.

Michael (7) did not understand the play but enjoyed seeing the actors.  He knew almost everyone in the cast and was excited to tell me their names.  I read the story to him a few weeks before the show and he did not understand it and thought that it was very boring.  So, yes, it is a fairytale for adults, since it raises a lot of adult issues.  Michael went to see Harmony Theatre show last year, while they presented radio drama, he said that he liked that show better then this one.

Maddak Productions presented Finding a Fit.  I went to see this show because my friend’s client was in it and it sounded like a fun show to see.  There were only 4 actresses with very good voices and the theater was very small.  That was my first time in that theatre space -- Theatre in the Round.  It was perfect for this performance.  It was a comedy musical about women’s issue of finding clothes to wear every morning and for every occasion.  As a woman I could relate to almost all the scenes.

I went to see both shows with my girlfriend.  The show by Harmony Theatre Company and School we took our kids with and the show by Maddak Productions it was just two of us – girls’ night out.

Next year, I will try to see more shows.

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On Sunday, Michelle let me sleep until almost 8am.  Michael was not feeling well and I tried to feed him some breakfast in his bed.  He looked pale and his eyes were very sad (poor boy).  I kept asking him several times if he would want to go to the cirque at 1pm or stay home.  He really wanted to see the show and tried to eat and drink as much as he could (wasn’t much though).


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Last night, I went to see Russian star, stand-up comedian, or humorist -- Klara Novikova.
I have not laughed so much and so hard in a while! 

My face muscles were hurting and I was laughing to tears and hick-ups.
For almost 2 hours she kept talking and making us laugh.  I tried to record on my camera, but it did not turn out very good.  So I found one of her stories that I heard last night on Youtube,  this one was not my favorite but one of the funny ones.
Sorry, in Russian.
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On Sunday, I went to see Aleksander Gorodnitsky, well known amongst Russian speaking people song writer, poet, and scientist.   He is very talented and very modest. 

He was telling us some stories about his life, about his songs and poems.  He sang, recited poems and then showed a movie that he recently created called “In search of Yiddish”  «В ПОИСКАХ ИДИША». 

 The movie was a great documentary about him searching for his family roots in Belorussia.  He found that there are no Jews left in the shtetles that used to be heavily populated with Jewish people in 19th and beginning of 20th century, who spoke mainly Yiddish.  The movie made me cry and laugh.

It raised a question about this language Yiddish, where did it come from?  Why Chasidic Jews speak it today?  Apparently it was forbidden in Israel because they wanted everyone to learn Hebrew instead.

 Thinking about his trip to Belorussia where he found 1 or 2 or 4 elderly Jews who still lived in those rural areas gave me somewhat weird feeling.  I was trying to understand if it is sad or not that Jews don’t live there anymore. 

 Of course it is very sad that thousands died during the WWII in those towns, but the rest of the people moved to bigger cities, to USA, Israel, Germany, Australia and other countries. 

 I was even thinking and trying to draw parallels, would it be interesting to go to Egypt after Jews fled in exodus and explore if there are any Jews left and what is left of their culture?

 This thought was even more obvious when Gorodnitsky recited a poem about his life and which geographic area is his home.  Unfortunately I forgot the name of the poem and couldn’t find it.  For about 30 years of his life he traveled in expeditions all overt he world.  He continues to travel a lot but has not made a decision to immigrate.  He still resides in St Petersburg Russia.

   The two poems really stood out were Родство по слову and Монолог Моисея

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